It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like…

It’s been a hectic weekend at 69 Second! Pulling tote after tote and tree after tree up from the basement is sweaty work. Thankfully the Mister did the transporting and I’m in charging of the decorating! Here’s a quick glimpse of Tree 2. I definitely outdid myself this year and I still have to decide the topper. On to the others…


New Addiction: Vintage Paper Clay Snowmen

I’m on a new kick at 69 Second – making paper clay snowmen! I became Pinterested after finding them on a board. I’ve made 7 so far. Here are just a few. Tutorial to follow! Stay tuned!



Raining Cuteness : Baby Shower Favors

Helping my best friend from high school put together an impromptu baby shower. Inspired by the old adage about Little Girls, I easily made these over the top cute shower favors- Sugar and Spice body scrub. Our theme is retro, a la Dick and Jane. Found the retro-esque fabric on clearance at Joann’s. Made the tags myself! simple.cute.functional. Love love love


De-Stressing by Distressing = Empire Strikes Back

Been dealing with Nanna health issues this past week. I took the opportunity this beautiful NEPA weekend to de-stress by distressing the Empire Dresser I have been pining for. Using my favorite, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Linen. Ran out and had to put it away for a week or two, but I am loving the chippy nature! Better pics to follow when complete. It’s amazing how quickly this paint goes from ‘meh’ to “mhm hmmm”. Love it. Good Stress relief – I could get lost in this.



The Call of Fall Porch Scene


Falling For Simplicity


fall is my favorite decorating time of year. Love elegant simplicity. This was so easy to create using items from Hobby Lobby.

Christmas Peace Love and Joy

A little corner of our 69second Heaven…


Fall Finds and Fine Cuisine

Chances are, if you are reading this post, you have similar tastes and hobbies as those found at 69second.  Today took me on my usual jaunt to the Salvation Army in search of cheap, refinishable furniture. No such luck… but I did find a few small items that piqued my interest – vintage rummy set in leather case, a few pounds of old buttons, an Avon Hair lotion for men in a super cute Fire House ceramic container (full) in original box and an old jar of spindles. Quickly searched google for their worth. I’m sure I can get at least double what I paid for them on ebay.

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Vegan Roasted Winter Vegetable Jambalaya

Fall is setting in quickly here in Northeast PA.  And that means the start of some amazing winter vegetable cooking that warm up a cold Sunday. After a slow start this morning, an injury to my ankle tendon and a long grocery list. But alas, this wonderful recipe with a few modifications came compliments of Vegetarian Times. It was delicious, heated and ah-mazing. [Read more...]